The one-man product development team for your business.

I'm a freelance software developer who helps small and medium businesses build in-house and customer-facing custom software. Get the functionality and ease of use you need without the daunting implementation of systems not quite suited to your business.

Based in Cape Town, South Africa.

Ready to work in person locally or remotely in the UK, European, or African time zones.

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Struggling with having to update your menu in many places? Endlessly resending reports and looking for old emails? Need a loyalty program for your small neighbourhood business? Have some old data from a legacy system that your staff needs to access more easily? Still using paper forms that should rather be electronic?

To address these problems and many more like them...

Lets talk!

Why choose me?

Business before code

Thoroughly understanding the business requirements and necessary outcomes before writing the first line of code leads to better outcomes. Using my experience analysing workflows, and my project managment training, I will ensure the right things happen. Though I like writing code it is not the primary goal of our engagement — getting the envisioned results for your business is more important.

I see the big picture

... but still relish in the details.


I strongly believe that your information is yours alone, so will not be sharing anything I may see or learn at your business with anyone. That is also why this website contains no tracking or analytics.

Clean simple code

Software lives on and will inevitably have to be maintained. Whether it turns out to be me or someone else, they will benefit from the simply structured and well documented project I put together, easing the maintenance burden and cost.

Clear communication

Through years of managing projects I have learned the value of clear communication. Working with me you will always know what I'm doing, why, and how. I won't hide problems or challenges and you'll know what to expect.

How I work

To address the unmet expectations and overruns that so often plague software projects we will fix the scope through agreement on expected outcomes at handover, along with a fixed price.

You are protected from cost overruns typically associated with hourly billing and we are both incentivised to keep the scope and timeline in check. I take the risk of time overruns, sparing you that uncertainty in the budget.

User training will complete the first phase.

After the initial build we can enter another phase to address the additional requirements that became clear, nice-to-have features, and so on.

This approach ensures we all know where we stand. The software is always in working order, and you benefit from continued and regular progress.

Let's talk!

No obligation. I'm happy to meet and discuss your requirements.

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Current availability: Can take on projects starting in January 2024.