This is on a separate page because I think it is less relevant than the business value we will set out to create together. It is after all more important that your website allows a customer to login and see their documents, for example, than whether that website is powered by Javascript or Ruby.

That said, its still of interest and the technology choices will have an impact on the future maintainability and ease of expansion of your application. Though we probably start out building a web application it is prudent to also lay a good groudwork for expanding to smartphones apps – in many cases those will be a logical second phase.

Lastly, there is productivity to keep in mind. There is only one of me and I need to use languages and frameworks that enable a single developer to easily create an entire application in a reasonable time.

With all of that considered, here are the technologies I default to:

Frontend: HTML5, CSS3, and Javascript. Javascript often with the Stimulus framework.

Backend: Ruby on Rails

Database: PostgreSQL

Hosting: Up to the customer's capabilities, but lacking a strong preference, Render.